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Main Grants Scheme - Learning

We are suspending our grantmaking temporarily.  Please refer to the 'How to Apply' page for updates on our grantmaking which is under review. 


The Foundation will support projects which facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and learning and which have a long-term strategic impact.  Key areas for support are:

  • libraries, museums and archives; 
  • special educational needs;
  • projects that encourage sustainability by reducing overheads or which help generate additional revenue;
  • projects and activities which increase access and widen the diversity of attenders/visitors. 

Citizenship, esteem-building, training, skills acquisition to aid employment, independent living, early learning projects or playgroups will not generally be considered under the Main Grants Scheme.


 For state funded schools our main initiative is The Foyle School Libraries Scheme (see guidelines on the website).

 Dedicated schools and colleges catering for those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) may be considered for other school projects under the Main Grants Scheme. 

State funded mainstream schools may be funded from time to time under the Main Grants Scheme for other projects with direct educational benefits but must demonstrate why their project cannot be funded from statutory or other funding.  Please contact the Grants Team for further clarification.

 Major school building projects, investment in IT, PSHE curriculum related activities and sports projects are unlikely to be supported. Mainstream independent schools will not generally be supported.


 For Universities we will consider supporting arts, museum, archive or special collection projects, usually for capital funding, which meet a clear public benefit.  All University projects should enable general and not just specialist use, the majority of time, and not be limited to out of term use, or be relatively inaccessible by being sited in remote parts of University buildings or campuses where public access will be restricted. In all cases we will expect Universities to be contributing to the project in financial and not just in-kind terms. Some grants may be offered on a matched funding basis.